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Rental Solution

Domino Indonesia Printer

Flexible Financing For Firm Control Over Your Budget

 Getting access to the latest product and software solutions has never been easier through Domino Financial Services.​ Remove the stress of acquiring the latest technology and upgrade your production with regular payments rather than capital expenditure. Our dedicated business consultants will work with you to develop a finance plan that suits your needs.​ From finance to installation and ongoing support, Domino can take care of everything for you, so that you are free to focus on what’s important – your business.​

Rental Solution | Domino Indonesia Printer

Complete Cost Predictability

Domino offers a comprehensive plan called Relax. This offers a predictable payment program that includes hardware & software, servicing, and consumables.

 • Flexible and predictable payment instalments ​
 • Full-service support​
 • Fixed price for a given production volume ​
 • Scheduled deliveries of your consumables​
 • Discount on training ​

Why Buy From Domino :

By taking a support agreement provides you with peace of mind that if anything does go wrong we will be there to assist getting production going as quick as possible
Domino engineers go through an extensive training program that covers print technology, applications and customer production requirements to be knowledgeable and efficient.
We pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience. Our NPS® score of 77 for technical service is exceptional.
Domino’s mix of Cloud and AR proactively monitor your solution to alert you to any problems and if needed we can be virtually with you.​


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