Thermal Inkjet Printer G20i Simple to install. Simple to configure. Simple to code

The Domino G20i is a compact, cost-effective single-sided case coder designed for easy setup and use without technical knowledge. 

It is ideal for printing data and text codes on outer case secondary packaging and uses a Thermal Inkjet print head for high-resolution codes on various substrates without the need for maintenance or support. 

The G20i is the entry-level solution for one-sided box coding and can be quickly and easily installed without requiring any technical expertise. All necessary components are included in the package and the system can be self-installed. 

Cartridge change is a simple process that can be completed in less than 20 seconds without the need for technical skills or tools.

Overall, the Thermal Inkjet Printing G20i is a reliable, high-quality print and marking solution for outer case secondary packaging that is sure to meet the needs of businesses in Indonesia. 

TIJ - G20i

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