Domino R-Series Trusted Smart Vision System and Code Inspection

Domino R-Series is a smart vision system designed to work with all of our printers. 
It makes it simple to check every code and identify any potential issues before they affect production. 

With the R-Series, manual inspections become a thing of the past, as it reduces scrap and helps prevent costly product recalls that could damage your brand. This is what we consider to be true intelligence.

Benefit of using Domino Code Inspection R Series 

  1. You can trust that everything is coming from a single, reliable source.
  2. Coding and coding inspection are provided by the same supplier, making it more logical and efficient.
  3. The system is easy to install and integrate with your coding system.
  4. It is optimized for use with Domino fonts and print characteristics.
  5. The common Domino user interface helps to minimize the learning curve.
  6. It is designed to be compatible with and accommodate future Domino upgrades.
  7. Having a single supplier means you have just one point of contact for your entire coding and inspection system.

Product Range

R550 - Code Verify

R350 - Code Quality

R550 - Code Check

The R-Series is the ideal vision system for Domino printers