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11 Creative Ways To Make Your Cosmetic Product Packaging Stand Out

Product packaging is very important if you want to make sales. The right packaging captures consumers’ attention, communicates the essence of your product, and motivates purchases. Here are eleven ideas to awaken your creative mind in making product packaging that is attractive and works for your product.

“Your packaging must be memorable”

Today’s busy consumers are flooded with sensorial stimuli. They make decisions quickly. And often very hard. Of course, you can save costs by saving on packaging designs. However, for consumers, untidy packaging indicates an untidy product. Sheep dressed like goats only look like goats.

So if the quality of your product alone can’t attract buyers with new customers, what will help? Well, your packaging must reflect the product you offer. And you only have a split second to grab attention and make the right impression.

The good news is that consumers pay attention to innovative packaging that is done with all their heart. Once your packaging piques their interest, you’re just one small step away from making a sale.

Here are eleven ideas to add value to your cosmetic packaging products:

1. Focus on specific end users

Today’s printing technology is advanced. It is possible to create unimaginable packaging from decades ago. This choice and flexibility can make things difficult. However, the basic design principles still apply. Focusing on the relationship between your product and a specific audience will provide a good starting point for creating packaging that works more effectively for your business.

2. Dare to be creative with color

Audacious colors and unexpected palettes can quickly elevate a package from mundane to awe-inspiring. Dare to be different. Life is colorful.

3. Be Minimalist

Minimalism is in vogue. Packaging designers are cutting out the noise to help busy consumers quickly understand what product they’re looking at. Less clutter, more clarity. Consumers don’t have much time to figure out what you want to sell them. They want their needs met. Fast.

The modern minimalist aesthetic relies on looks to do the heavy lifting of the marketing: removing graphic elements to leave a bold, clear message and implemented by a simple typeface. As for non-linguistic elements, think blocky colors, two-tones and lots of negative space. Convenience becomes an art.

4. Vintage packaging: a return to the past

Continuation of the quest for simplicity is a return to the past. Mimicking the 1920s vintage packaging evokes a simpler, more subdued spirit of the era – and draws a striking contrast from the glittery packaging that is more common on store shelves.

5. Your product is your packaging

What if your product is actually part of the package? Modern cutting die techniques allow designers to present products in very attractive ways.

6. Eclectic Geometry

The geometric patterns are eye-catching and add a touch of quality to the product packaging. Combine that with imaginative use of color (see point 2) for products that stand out on store shelves.

7. Step into a new creative field with texture labels

The avant-garde toy from premium manufacturers is texture labels – a unique printing technique that gives labels depth and personality. Perfect for premium and luxury cosmetics, textured labels let you experiment with sensational labels for multi-sensory packaging that feels as good as it looks.

8. Experiment with materials

Today it is possible to print and encode on any packaging substrate. This allows you to experiment with packaging materials that set you apart from the competition.

9. Become a shapeshifter

First function, second form. A number of packaging innovations, such as foil pouches and resealable plastic wrap, have meant designers have never been as good as they are when it comes to providing consumer convenience. Re-innovating the way your product is packaged can change your market share.

10. Change your design with the season

Why limit yourself by sticking too closely to one design? Today’s modernized and varied printing technology capabilities provide the ability to produce prints quickly and flexibly no longer means sacrificing efficiency. Change your design with the season. Reflect on major events such as religious holidays or Valentine’s Day. Or experiment with personalized packaging.

11. Use the right Coding & Marking with Domino Ax Seris

Design trends come and go with a wide range of packaging and printing technologies available meaning designers have unprecedented freedom to create packaging that lives and reinforces brand reputation, attracts customers and drives sales. With the Domino AX Series Coding & Marking, your cosmetic packaging will have higher brand and packaging value, thereby making customers feel more confident about choosing your product. This will help differentiate your product from competitors’ products and help ensure that customers trust the quality of your product.

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